King sized Breakfast places in Pune

In the jet set age of hustle bustle, everyone is on the clock and always in a hurry. Sadly so, most people are known to be surviving on regular intake of caffeine, a glass of milk or a bowl of cereal and milk. When it comes to breakfast places, Punekars are truly blessed with the variety of flavours from far east, up north, down south or saath samundar par. If you happen to be one of those who skips the most important meal of the day, here’s a list to find the heartiest breakfast in town.

German Bakery

German Bakery, Pune

This place is easily the best of its kind. It is safe to say, this place has got all the foodies gushing. From serving a range the healthiest yet colourful beverages with a pretty decent wiches, eggs and dogs good enough to blow away your taste buds. Known to blending in flavours between slices of fresh bread this place is the favourite place for breakfast in the city.

Cafe GoodLuck

Cafe Goodluck, Pune

Situated on a busy area Pune, the ambience, decor and outdoor booths is pretty cool. But wait till you have tasted few items of their amazingly rich menu, but bun maska is a winner. You will keep coming back for more. This place is serving the yummiest breakfasts in decent quantity and top class quality making it one of the most happening breakfast cafes in the city.

Anna Idli

Anna Idli, Pune

This place is a saviour when you are running late for classes or meetings. Not to mention the quick services, awesome range of breakfast items available from down south and, of course, filter coffee. Totally binge worthy and easy on the pocket. Anna Idli is the good old breakfast of all the foodies.


Breakfirst, Pune

If healthy breakfast options makes your heart flutter, you need to visit this heaven. Offering the best of north, this place is every street food lover’s dream come true. All those missing out the authentic blast of flavours of hearty breakfast, this is your paradise in Pune.

The Bawa

The Bawa Cafe, Pune

If you truly believe in good food, then this is where you ought to be. This quirky place serves the finest quick Parsi bites and all day breakfasts at the cheapest rates in the city. If that wasn’t enough, given the variety on their menu you are in for a joyous ride because the Bawa has you covered.

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