Travel Documentaries on Netflix you must watch!

Gone are the days when weekend was all fun and sleep. Ever since the world’s largest on-demand streaming website, Netflix has been launched, the weekend as well as the weekday scenes has changed for just about everyone. Netflix has soon become the one stop portal for watchers seeking to explore, discover and learn from various genres of entertainment available. Over the years, the taste and preferences of audiences have been altered when it comes to entertainment. Nowadays, most are inclined towards to watching documentaries especially travel documentaries.

Known to provide a factual report on a particular subject with little or no fiction, the definition of documentary is evolving. That being said, the makers’ document the sole purpose of educating and highlighting the facts from ground zero with the hope to ignite the little spark in the minds of the viewers. While it is a common belief that documentaries are meant to have heart-rending effect once you have watched it, sadly so not many know of the different sub-genres. Here’s the list of our favourite travel documentaries on Netflix. And yes, they are totally binge worthy!

National Park Adventures

In some 40 odd minutes this documentary tours the awe-inspiring landscapes and historic sites. Narrated by Robert Redford, it highlights the untamed wilderness of America’s great parks.

Paddle the World

Over the course of one remarkably adventurous year, Felix Starck documents his journey of cycling 18,000 kilometers across 22 countries. This German documentary is absolutely inspiring.

Conan without Borders

Conan O’Brien and his sense of humor head off to far-flung destinations in this docuseries to explore the cultures, food and all things local.

Jack Whitehall – Travels with my Father

The fun-loving comic Jack Whitehall and his stuffy father, Michael, take an extraordinary trip to far-off lands in an attempt to strengthen their bonds. This is one British docuseries that you cannot miss.

Expedition Happiness

Felix Starck, a filmmaker and his musician girlfriend, Selima Taibi, drive off for an amazing road trip with their dog across North America in a refurnished school bus.

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