Add fuel to your Wanderlust with Minimalist Tattoos

It is people with itchy feet to travel are usually collecting passport stamps, soul-brewing stories and are already planning their next trip? Not considering the monetary aspects, most souls these days are overflowing with inspiration of seeing the nooks and corner of countries across the globe. There was a time when travellers used to bring home mementos of their travels. Well, gone are those days as the definition has slightly changed to getting a permanent souvenir like a travel themed tattoo.

At some point of time, everyone has considered the idea of getting inked. Not all tattoos have to be big, bright and bold. Sometimes, the finest tattoos are hidden away being tiny and simple with deep imprints on the heart. Nowadays, people would just walk in without knowing what tattoo they want. Gradually and thankfully that has changed. Today, most people understand there are different kinds of tattoos not just limited tribal, inscriptions or butterflies. That being said, travel minimalist tattoos as a concept emerging in the country.

Well, the thing about travelling is, it leaves you speechless at that moment then turns you into a stellar storyteller. Here’s a list of travel tattoos that will tell your tale of adventure, inspiration, and challenges. Eternal love for travel.

  • Boat with a wave that symbolise that you keep  and growing.

Boat Tattoos

  • Anchor and palm tree are just perfect if you love sun, sea and sand.

Anchor & Palm tree Tattoos

  • Arrows or Pocahontas-esque to follow your passionate heart anywhere it takes you.

Arrows Tattoos

  • Aeroplane with the heart encouraging you to fly high.

Aeroplane Tattoo

  • Mountains to keep climbing to the highest peak.

Mountain Tattoos

  • Globe aptly expresses your curiosity to explore the world, may be add a bag.

Globe Tattoo

  • Wanderlust presentably scribbled with flying birds sure enough to give you wings to take on your next adventure

Wanderlust Tattoo

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